How to learn Arduino

I am a beginner. How to learn Arduino? Where to start to learn Arduino? How long does it take to learn Arduino


How to learn Arduino

There are many ways to learn Arduino. Newbies can learn Arduino by doing the following steps:


There are many experts on Arduino Forum who are willing to help you. However, please make sure the following things when posting question on Arduino Forum:

  • Simplify your code to isolate the problem
  • Be polite when asking for help
  • Post a clear question
  • Post the simplified code in the code tag
  • Post a picture of your wiring diagram.

How long does it take to learn Arduino

There is no fixed anwser for this question. It dependes on your experiences and ability.

Regardless of your experiences and ability, if you learn patiently, you will evetually reach your desired destination. If you do not learn, you never get it.

Please keep in mind that every experts also start from zero (no knowledge and experiences)

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