The Best Arduino Kit for beginner

There are a lot of Arduino starter kits on the market. It is not easy for a beginner to choose the best one among them. "The best" is depended on many factors. Three of the most important factors are:

We would recommend choosing one of two below kits. One for the best quality and the other for the best price

Official Arduino Starter Kit for beginner

Official Arduino Starter Kit for beginner
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  • This is an official kit from Arduino.
  • The quality is the best. You does not need to worry about quality.
  • The kit includes a projects book in 9 languages: English (EN), Italiano (IT), Français (FR), Español (ES), Deutsch (DE), Japanese (JP), 中文 (CN), 한글 (KO) عربى (ARA)


  • There are not much sensors/actuators
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