Arduino FAQs

1How to learn Arduino
2Arduino Uno R3 vs R4
3How to check if a library is compatible with Arduino Uno R4
4How to use millis() instead of delay()
5How to combine two Arduino sketches
6How to use more GND/VCC pin on Arduino
7Where to ask Arduino question
8Serial.print() vs Serial.println()
9digitalWrite() vs analogWrite()
10Arduino Uno vs Mega
11Arduino Uno Pinout
12Arduino - Button value changes between 0 and 1 randomly
13Arduino - How to detect button press event
14Arduino Pull-up Pull-down Resistor
15Arduino automatically restarts
16Arduino prints float/double variable with decimal places
17How to use external power supply for Arduino
18fatal error: library.h: No such file or directory
19How to pass array to function in Arduino
20How to pass string to function in Arduino
21How to create Class and Object on Arduino IDE
22How to filter noise from sensor
23How to install library on Arduino IDE
24How to uninstall library on Arduino IDE
25How to print an empty line on Serial Monitor
26One button for multiple functions
27Button does not work
28Why needs debounce for button
29Serial Monitor shows weird characters
30LCD does not display characters
31Servo motor does not work
32low memory available, stability problems may occur
33avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout
34How to blink multiple LED
35How to use array of servo motor
36How to use push-button as on-off switch
37How To use special character on LCD
38How to use button to start/stop the loop
39How to use button to start program
40How to use the multiple passwords for keypad
41How to use more digital pins on Arduino Uno
42How to use buzzer without blocking other code
43How to debounce for multiple buttons
44How to input a multiple digits number using the keypad
45How to control speed of servo motor
46How to add a header file on Arduino IDE
47How to convert string variable to integer in Arduino
48How to reset Arduino by programming
49How to know value of resistor
50How to fade LED in a time period
51How to connect multiple SPI sensors/devices with Arduino
52How to connect multiple I2C sensors/devices with Arduino
53How to know I2C address of sensor/device
54How to dectect presence/absence of something
55How to vertical and horizontal center align text/number on OLED
56How to connect two Arduino directly via Ethernet cable
57How to make the wiring tidy, neat, and firm
58How to debug Arduino code
59How to delete code on Arduino board
60How many LED/relays can Arduino control
61avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device
62DS3231 vs DS1307
63error: expected ',' or ';' before
64error: 'variable' was not declared in this scope
65Switch Case statement does not work correctly
66Stepper motor moves slowly
67What is Serial.println(F(""))
68Is It possible to read the code from Arduino board
69Arduino code does not work when switching from USB to power supply

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