How to use more GND/VCC pin on Arduino

I need more GND/VCC pins on Arduino. How to increase the number of GND/VCC pins on Arduino?


There are three ways to use more GND/VCC pin on Arduino:

1. Use a breadboard

breadboard: This way is recommended to use for learning or prototyping only. It is not a good way to use for DIY project.

2. twist or solder several wires together.

Increase GND VCC pins on Arduino

This way requires to have a soldering iron. For safety, we recommend using a Heat Shrink Tubing.

3. Use Screw Terminal Block

Screw Terminal Block

The Screw Terminal Block has many GND/VCC hole. You can also screw multiple wires into a single hole. It also makes your wiring tidy and firmly. We highly recommend using this way for DIY project.

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