Arduino Uno R4 Kit

Currently, the official Arduino team has not released a specific starter kit for the Arduino Uno R4. However, it is possible to create a starter kit for the Uno R4 by combining the board with a sensor kit available in the market.

One recommended sensor kit is the DIYables sensor kit, which offers a variety of practical sensors, displays, and motors. This kit provides ample opportunities to learn and engage in various projects. By combining the Arduino Uno R4 board with the DIYables sensor kit, you can create a comprehensive and versatile starter kit for the Arduino Uno R4.

Arduino Uno R4 Kit

Arduino Uno R4 Minima Kit

1×Arduino Uno R4 Minima
1×DIYables Sensor Kit 30 types, 69 units
1×USB Type-C Cable
1×(Recommended) Screw Terminal Block Shield for Arduino Uno
1×(Optional) Transparent Acrylic Enclosure For Arduino Uno
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About DIYables Sensor Kit

The kit includes the following components:

No. QTY. Sensors
1 1 Breadboard
2 1 Jumper Wires female-to-female (40 wires)
3 1 Jumper Wires female-to-male (40 wires)
4 1 Jumper Wires male-to-male (40 wires)
5 10 Buttons
6 10 Button Caps
7 10 LEDs
8 10 Resistors 220 Ohm
9 2 RGB LED modules
10 2 Limit Switches
11 2 DC Power Jacks (2 males, 2 females)
12 1 Potentiometer
13 1 Ultrasonic Sensor
14 1 Motion Sensor
15 1 DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
16 1 RFID kit (Reader + Tags)
17 1 Door Sensor
18 1 Joystick
19 1 Touch Sensor
20 1 Passive Buzzer
21 1 Water Sensor
22 1 Soil Moisture Sensor
23 1 Light Sensor Module
24 1 OLED Display 128x64 0.96"
25 1 LCD I2C 16x2
26 1 Servo Motor SG90
27 1 Keypad 3x4
28 1 Infrared Remote Control Kit
29 1 Relay Module
30 1 Solenoid Lock
DIYables Sensor Kit

Advantages of using the combinations

  • Easy-to-start and high-quality official Arduino Uno board.
  • The DIYables sensor kit offers a wide variety of sensors, displays, and motors. It provides you with numerous options to create a variety of projects. With the components in the kit, you can explore and build a wide range of cool things.

Optional Stuffs

In addition to the mentioned combinations, you have the option to enhance your projects by adding the following items:

1×Breadboard Shield for Arduino Uno R4
1×Enclosure for Arduino Uno R4