The Best Wire Stripper

Among diverse wire strippers, we would recommend two best wire strippers: one is a manual wire stripper and the other is an automatic self-adjusting wire stripper.

The best manual wire stripper

best manual wire stripper


  • It won't damage the wire core
  • Wire cutter is built-in.
  • High quality springs for easy use, save effort
  • Stripping 10-22 AWG solid & stranded wires cleanly, perfect for copper and aluminum cables
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The best automatic self-adjusting wire stripper

best automatic wire stripper

The self-adjusting wire stripper selects the correct tension automatically to hold the wire without damaging it. You just need to:

  • Place a wire between the two machined jaws
  • Select your desired exposed wire length using the flip-up stopper
  • Squeeze

See how to use in video instruction on the product link below

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  • Self-adjusting wire stripper
  • Wire cutter is built-in.
  • Wire crimper is built-in.
  • Stainless Steel