How to control speed of servo motor

How to control the speed of servo motor smoothly without using delay() function in Arduino code? How to rotate servo motor from this position to another position in a period of time? How to slow down the speed of servo motor?


To control the speed of servo motor without blocking other code, we can use millis() instead of delay()

Wiring Diagram

Arduino Servo Motor Wiring Diagram

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Arduino Code

By using map() and millis() functions, we can control the speed of servo motor smoothly without blocking other code.

The below example shows how to move the servo motor from 30° to 90° in 3 seconds.

/* * Created by * * This example code is in the public domain * * Tutorial page: */ #include <Servo.h> Servo myServo; unsigned long MOVING_TIME = 3000; // moving time is 3 seconds unsigned long moveStartTime; int startAngle = 30; // 30° int stopAngle = 90; // 90° void setup() { myServo.attach(9); moveStartTime = millis(); // start moving // TODO: other code } void loop() { unsigned long progress = millis() - moveStartTime; if (progress <= MOVING_TIME) { long angle = map(progress, 0, MOVING_TIME, startAngle, stopAngle); myServo.write(angle); } // TODO: other code }

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