DIYables IR Controller Library


This library is designed for Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266... to received the controlled key from the DIYables 17-key and 21-key IR Remote Controller.

IR Controller Module


  • Easy to use
  • Configurable debouce time for key press

Available Examples

  • IRcontroller_17
  • IRcontroller_21

Available Functions:

  • DIYables_IRcontroller_17(int pin, int debounceTime);
  • DIYables_IRcontroller_21(int pin, int debounceTime);
  • void begin();
  • Key17 getKey();
  • Key21 getKey();

How to install the library

  • Navigate to the Libraries icon on the left bar of the Arduino IDE.
  • Search "DIYables_IRcontroller", then find the DIYables_IRcontroller library by DIYables
  • Click Install button to install DIYables_IRcontroller library.
Arduino DIYables_IRcontroller library
  • You will be asked for installing the library dependency as below image:
Arduino IRremote library
  • Click Install all button to install the dependency


Arduino UNO R3
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