A bool holds one of two values, true or false. (Each bool variable occupies one byte of memory.)


bool var = val;

Parameter Values

  • var: variable name.
  • val: the value to assign to that variable.

Example Code

This code shows how to use the bool datatype.

int LEDpin = 5; // LED on pin 5 int switchPin = 13; // momentary switch on 13, other side connected to ground bool running = false; void setup() { pinMode(LEDpin, OUTPUT); pinMode(switchPin, INPUT); digitalWrite(switchPin, HIGH); // turn on pullup resistor } void loop() { if (digitalRead(switchPin) == LOW) { // switch is pressed - pullup keeps pin high normally delay(100); // delay to debounce switch running = !running; // toggle running variable digitalWrite(LEDpin, running); // indicate via LED } }

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