parseFloat() returns the first valid floating point number from the current position. parseFloat() is terminated by the first character that is not a floating point number. The function terminates if it times out (see Stream.setTimeout()).

This function is part of the Stream class, and can be called by any class that inherits from it (Wire, Serial, etc). See the Stream class main page for more information.




stream.parseFloat(lookahead, ignore)

Parameter Values

  • stream : an instance of a class that inherits from Stream.
  • lookahead: the mode used to look ahead in the stream for a floating point number. Allowed data types: LookaheadMode. Allowed lookahead values:
    • SKIP_ALL: all characters other than a minus sign, decimal point, or digits are ignored when scanning the stream for a floating point number. This is the default mode.
    • SKIP_NONE: Nothing is skipped, and the stream is not touched unless the first waiting character is valid.
    • SKIP_WHITESPACE: Only tabs, spaces, line feeds, and carriage returns are skipped.
  • ignore: used to skip the indicated char in the search. Used for example to skip thousands divider. Allowed data types: char

Return Values

  • Data type: float.

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