When called, functions as if a key were pressed and held on your keyboard. Useful when using modifier keys. To end the key press, use Keyboard.release() or Keyboard.releaseAll().

It is necessary to call Keyboard.begin() before using press().


Parameter Values

  • key: the key to press. Allowed data types: char.

Return Values

  • Number of key presses sent. Data type: size_t.

Example Code

#include <Keyboard.h> // use this option for OSX: char ctrlKey = KEY_LEFT_GUI; // use this option for Windows and Linux: // char ctrlKey = KEY_LEFT_CTRL; void setup() { // make pin 2 an input and turn on the // pullup resistor so it goes high unless // connected to ground: pinMode(2, INPUT_PULLUP); // initialize control over the keyboard: Keyboard.begin(); } void loop() { while (digitalRead(2) == HIGH) { // do nothing until pin 2 goes low delay(500); } delay(1000); // new document:;'n'); delay(100); Keyboard.releaseAll(); // wait for new window to open: delay(1000); }

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