Checks the current status of all mouse buttons, and reports if any are pressed or not.




Parameter Values

  • When there is no value passed, it checks the status of the left mouse button.
  • button: which mouse button to check. Allowed data types: char.
    • MOUSE_LEFT (default)

Return Values

  • Reports whether a button is pressed or not. Data type: bool.

Example Code

#include <Mouse.h> void setup() { //The switch that will initiate the Mouse press pinMode(2, INPUT); //The switch that will terminate the Mouse press pinMode(3, INPUT); //Start serial communication with the computer Serial.begin(9600); //initiate the Mouse library Mouse.begin(); } void loop() { //a variable for checking the button's state int mouseState = 0; //if the switch attached to pin 2 is closed, press and hold the left mouse button and save the state ina variable if (digitalRead(2) == HIGH) {; mouseState = Mouse.isPressed(); } //if the switch attached to pin 3 is closed, release the left mouse button and save the state in a variable if (digitalRead(3) == HIGH) { Mouse.release(); mouseState = Mouse.isPressed(); } //print out the current mouse button state Serial.println(mouseState); delay(10); }

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