Arduino - Ethernet

About Arduino with Ethernet

Ethernet is the easiest way to connect Arduino to Internet. There are many ways to connect Arduino to the Internet via Ethernet. Among them, we introduce two ways for Arduino Uno:

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Arduino Ethernet

Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 vs PHPoC WiFi/Ethernet Shield

PHPoC WiFi/Ethernet Shield is also called PHPoC Shield.

Both Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 and PHPoC WiFi/Ethernet Shield communicates with Arduino via the SPI interface. The followings are deferences between them:

Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 PHPoC WiFi/Ethernet Shield
Price normal expensive
Usage easy easy
Library built-in need to Install
MAC Address need to declare in code built-in on Shield, no need to declare in code
IPv4 Address set in Arduino code set via web
IPv6 no yes
SSL/TLS no yes
Dedicated web server no yes
Websocket no yes
Sending Gmail no yes
Built-in web app no yes
WiFi no yes

Arduino - Webserver

We can make Arduino become a webserver with both shield. Howerver:

  • Arduino Ethernet Shield 2: we have to mix Arduino code and web code (HTML, css, javascript) in to Arduino sketch. It is dificult to use image.
  • PHPoC WiFi/Ethernet Shield:
    • It has a dedicated web server on Shield, Arduino code will be in Arduino sketch. Web code (HTML, css, javascript) and image is stored on the shield. We can upload HTLML, css, javascript and image file to this shield (max is 512 KB of sie in total). The uploading process is very simple. Just drag and drop.
    • Moreover, This shield supports websocket, which allows to exchange data between web browser ann Arudino in real time and two direction.
    • It has some built-in webapp, which let beginners program and control Arduino via web browser WITHOUT writing web code (HTML, css, javascript).

    One more great feature of PHPoC WiFi/Ethernet Shield is ability to switch from Ethernet to WiFi without changing Arduino code. The same Arduino code can works for both Enthernet and WiFi interface.

    With more advanced features, Those are reason why PHPoC WiFi/Ethernet Shield is more expensive than Arduino Ethernet Shield 2.

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